Violating these rules will result in removal from the event and cancellation of membership without compensation.

  • Consent is mandatory. Always ask permission to touch anyone or join a scene.


  • Respect boundaries. No means no.


  • Protection is provided in all play areas and use is expected unless explicitly discussed by all parties.


  • Respect the privacy of other members. Do not discuss details or share stories about members or who you saw at an event. You are welcome to discuss details or share stories of your own experience without identifying anyone else.


  • Photos are allowed during the arrival window before the opening talk with consent of all parties in the photo. No crowd shots or people in the background.


  • Illegal substances are not allowed.


  •  Money exchange for acts is not allowed.


  • Discuss fantasies and boundaries with your partner before an event.  It’s also good practice to check in with each other throughout the event.


  • Only consent to things when you feel like “hell yes I want that”.  If you’re a “maybe”, it’s best to say “no”.


  • “No” is a complete sentence.


  • You are free to change your mind and we encourage it.  If you say “no” to someone or something and then later change your mind and want to try it, find them and let them know.


  • If you try something and decide you don’t like it, change your mind and stop.  “I’d like to stop” and “I feel complete” are nice ways to communicate that you are finished with a scene.


  • Everyone has different standards when it comes to safe sex and STD testing.  We expect our members to be respectful and responsible about safe sex practices and communicate with their partners before play so that everyone is in consent.