Old Hollywood

November 11, 2023


8pm to 2am

Hollywood, CA

Illuminaughty Eros Event

Couples, Single Ladies, & Limited Single Men

Ticket Sales Have Ended

Illuminaughty is a curated community that is best known for the caliber of our members. We pride ourselves on our meticulous selection process to create events where fit and active members in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s can mingle and play with their peers. The average age of our guests is 31 years old for women and 35 for men. At illuminaughty, the vibe is welcoming and playful and every detail is carefully crafted to awaken the senses and ignite passions. Immerse yourself in a world where exquisite company and extraordinary experiences intertwine seamlessly.

  Illuminaughty Eros events are open to couples, single women, and a small number of single men. Our single male members are carefully selected to be intelligent, self-aware, respectful, confident, and gym fit. The number of single male tickets will be adjusted as single female tickets are sold to gender balance the event. If you are a single male looking to join and tickets are not available, select a waitlist ticket to reserve your space in line and be notified as soon as a ticket is available.


Illuminaughty Presents: A Night of Vintage Elegance and Star-Studded Dreams

Walk down the red carpet and step back in time to immerse yourself in the golden era of Hollywood. As the sun sets over the iconic Hollywood Hills, the stars of yesteryears come alive, beckoning you to an evening of timeless elegance, classic charm, and unparalleled glamour.

 Join fellow Illuminaughty members dressed to the nines, channeling the legends of the silver screen. Our luxurious home in the Hollywood hills will capture the essence of old Hollywood and become your playground for the evening, complete with a variety of indoor and poolside place spaces, spa, and massage tables overlooking the beautiful Los Angeles skyline.



Dress like you’re Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, or Marilyn Monroe. Ladies, think sequined gowns, feather boas, and classic red lips. For gents, sharp tuxedos, fedoras, and polished shoes are the order of the night. Let the spirit of Old Hollywood guide your ensemble.

You are welcome to bring a change of clothes for later in the evening, we only ask that you keep it PG between the car and the house before and after the event.

  Doors open at 8:00pm and we ask that you arrive by 9:30. We will close the doors at 9:30 and have a brief orientation.  (Pro Tip: Arriving earlier allows a little more time to settle in, connect and flirt with lots of new amazing people.)


→ The venue address will be emailed to all ticket holders on the morning of the event.

  This party is BYOB.  We will provide cups, champagne glasses and a variety of mixers for your use.


Nearby hotels for out-of-town guests:

La Mirage Inn Hollywood ($$) 1824 N Beachwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 464-1824

Hampton Inn & Suite Hollywood ($$$) 1133 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038 (323) 952-6900


  Refunds are available up to 48 hours prior to the event with a 3.5% CC fee.