It’s my first party, what should I wear?

Dress to theme of the event. Please make sure you are PG for the walk to and from the venue. An overcoat works well. Feel free to bring a change of clothes or a few things if you aren’t sure how you’ll feel. It’s common for members to wear one outfit to theme for the cocktail hour and then change into something a little sexier after the consent talk.

Do I need to bring anything?

It’s nice to bring a cozy change of clothes for the end of the night.¬†You’re welcome to bring an outfit change for the middle of the party as well.

Condoms, water-based lube, and massage oil are provided at the event, but feel free to bring your own if you have a preference.

Bring any toys you’d like to play with or share. If it’s large enough to require a special area or needs special setup or supervision (BDSM equipment, Sybian, rope bondage rig, etc.), please contact us ahead of time.

Our parties are BYOB for alcohol. Drinking water, sparkling water, mixers, cups, champagne flutes, and lots of delicious snacks are provided for our guests.

We’re a throuple, how do we apply and buy tickets?

To apply as a throuple, please submit a couple application for two of the partners and a single application for the third. Include a note in the bio section of both applications about your throuple status.

For tickets, you will need to purchase a ticket for each partner. Typically, a couple ticket and single ticket is the easiest and least expensive option.

We are approved members as a couple, can one of us attend as a single without the other?

Yes, we allow the woman in a couple to attend as a single using the couple account. You will see the option when logged in as a couple to purchase a couple ticket or a single woman ticket.

We require men in a couple to have a single man account with a different email in order to purchase a single man ticket. Men cannot attend alone with a couple ticket.